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Alibi girlfriend: Me pounding Pam Ann?

Veröffentlicht: Montag, 2. Juni 2014

Please excuse the short shift of course. Linguistically. But this is for a cause: I’m confused. Really confused! Because I kissed a girl. On the cheek. And I fucking liked it! Let me put it that way: When I asked Pam Ann to pretend to be my girlfriend, just for my reputation as a straight-acting gay pussy, I really felt the urge to scream something out to the nation: I’m done with assholes! Meaning men. Especially the cutest asshole I have ever been with…

Anyway. I didn’t eat pussy at all that night in her tree house in the Center Park Bispinger Heide – somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where lovely Lufthansa brought her to entertain everybody who didn’t succeeded on Grindr. But when she entered the stage, it finally felt like “Into Paradise” for everybody. Even for the lonesome. Like me.

In fact, I had awesome Argentine beef and a German sausage. Just for a cliche sentence. So after the dinner I called the asshole to wish him happy birthday. Don’t sentence me. I know this is tragic. But what would this blog be without tragedies, beef and German sausages? Some kind of permanent pussy talk, I guess…

Anyway, what I actually wanted to tell you is that Pam Ann is one of the funniest and sexiest stand-ups I’ve ever met. Not even during the times I was working as a theater critic and met so many of them. Not necessarily in tree houses but normally after their shows.

Backstage, Pam Ann is not really Pam Ann like you guys know her in the spotlight. She’s dirtier! And so much fucking fun to hang around with. I even forgave her for stealing my Knicks cap on the dancefloor, which normally would have been tragic – for my reputation. Cause how could you possibly pretend to be a ghetto guy without a ghetto cap?

Party with Pam Ann

Pam Ann…

Pam Ann stole my Knicks Cap - Party

… stole my fucking cap!

I came back to Hamburg with a big smile on my face. Cause thanks to Pam Ann and Lufthansa, this was the most hilarious short trip I’ve ever experienced.

To finish with a little secret, now that she’s back in the US where she cannot hit me: I’ve just decided to shift course again. Sexually. And get back to sausage.  Full-time.

Meaning: I’ll see the cute asshole tomorrow. For a cause: We all need something to discuss on my Facebook-Fanpage – gorgeous guys. I think Pam Ann will fully understand. And I really love him. I do, I do, I do, I do!

Maryanto Fischer Hamburg

Back in Hamburg with a smile on my face

One last secret: Pam Ann has a Grindr account. So watch out with whom you are chatting, bitches! She could do research for her next show.

You go, girl!


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