Gabriel Bonfim Photographer

Gabriel Bonfim, Sao Paulo

Veröffentlicht: Donnerstag, 28. April 2011

Name: Gabriel Bonfim

Age: 21 years old

City: Sao Paulo/Brazil

Work: Projects in fashion, advertising and the arts

Interests: Arts, Sports


Simply mentionning the country makes people from all over the world listen. And their hearts jump. The nation is an Eldorado – for sunny days,beach addicts, soccer, for the fine arts – but also for fashion. Not only because topmodels like Adriana Lima and (most famously) superstar Gisele Bündchen sell Brazilian beauty on catwalks and in leading magazines to international audiences.

Aspiring Artist

Brazil is also a melting pot for creative forces from around the world. And it is full of ambitious, young artists who are ready to take over the globe with their work.

One of them is Gabriel Bonfim.

Located directly in splendid Sao Paulo, the 21 year old photographer works for the advertising and fashion industries, but also focuses passionately on art photography. His pictures mix influences from fashion with painting and classical photography.

Strong Pictures, Right Moments

In fashion, Bonfim is known for strong editorials and stunning portrayals. Furthermore, he captures landscapes, architecture and urban everyday life with his camera – not only with a sense for lucid beauty, but also with a feeling for right moments and their mortality.

In his pictures, Bonfim asks questions about beauty in everyday life. But he also works with  social criticism. His pictures show professional models as well as common people. Artists as well as typical workers. Differences become visible, clichés are questioned.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Bonfim visualizes his ideas in the space between traditional and contemporary Brazil, taking the best out of both worlds to create a sense of timelessness.

To broaden his horizon, Gabriel Bonfim worked with photographers from Europe and North America. Last year, he spent some time in Europe, where he created the series “Visage de Bruxelles”.

He still contemplates about this recent experience: “It would be great to come back to Europe for work”, he said. Actually he was planning an exhibition in Germany later this year. “That would be great!”

We are excited to follow his work.

(More information on Gabriel Bonfims’ webseite)



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