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Sexy Colours and the City

Veröffentlicht: Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Come on girls, let’s start this fashion thing with one my favorite „Sex and the city“-quotes ever:


If you think that fall melancholy is a New York specific, you’re wrong. Recently, I can feel it in Hamburg, too.

And if you think that in fall, the only thing melancholic people in big cities on big rivers need to prevent themselves from falling into depressions are blankets, you’re wrong again. Actually, they need colours around them. For by the crisp air they already anticipate the very day, when the last colourful leaf falls…

People in another big city on another big river have already fallen in love with the elegant solution. And so did I when the package from London arrived. A full package packed with colours from my designer friend Daniel Ramos, which have already conquered UK “Glamour” magazine!

And his new collection of BrazeLights spoke an unmistakable language: Embrace delightful colours – and don’t give them away ever again!

I chose pink and blue and waved my hands in the air as if to push away all shades of grey. And suddenly the tristesse disappeared. And all left were colours.

BrazeLights Daniel Ramos new

BrazeLights by Daniel Ramos

Nike vs BrazeLights

There must be a reason why the BrazeLights hype has swept from London Jewellery Week over to rainy Hamburg this week. Forget about your melancholy and feel enlightened. Just as the mice in my favorite children’s book, Frédéric“ by Leo Leonie:

All along the meadow where the cows grazed and the horses ran, there was an old stone wall. In that wall, not far from the barn and the granary, a chatty family of field mice had their home. But the farmers had moved away, the barn was abandoned and the granary stood empty. And since was not far off, the little mice began to gather corn and nuts and wheat and straw. They all worked day and night… all except Frédéric.

Frédéric why don’t you work?” they asked. (…) “I gather colours,” answered Frédéric simply, “for winter is grey.” (…)

The winter days came and when the first snow fell the little field mice took to their hideout in the stones. In the beginning, there was lots to eat and the mice told stories of foolish foxes and silly cats. They were a happy family. But little by little they had nibbled up most of the nuts and berries. The straw was gone and the corn was only a memory. It was cold in the wall and no one felt like.

Then they remembered what Frédéric had said about the (sun rays and) colours (and words). “What about your supplies Frédéric?” they asked. (…) “Close your eyes,” Frédéric said. And when he told them of the blue perriwinkles, the red poppies and the yellow wheat and the green leaves of the berry bush – they saw the colours clearly as as if they’d been painted in their minds. (…)

And that’s the fabulous aspect about colours and accessories – we can collect them for days when all we need is light around us.

More about the new BrazeLights shapes in the background soon!

More about the new BrazeLights shapes in the background soon!

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