Foto von Gabriel Bonfim

Calvin Klein-Briefs never looked better: Dan Almeida by Gabriel Bonfim

Veröffentlicht: Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Before preparing his first exhibition in sunny Sao Paulo, Gabriel Bonfim is busy climbing the skyscrapers of the Brazilian metropolis. He has a good reason: dating models! Not for private pleasure, but for promoting his professional presence as a photographer. Lately, he took some stunning pictures of model and actor Dan Almeida. En plein air. Gabriel caught the very moments when the sun played on Dan’s marvellous body like the light on landscapes in an impressionist painting. This post is strictly for the eyes. And I have to admit: even Brad doesn’t look better in CK briefs than Dan.

The sun always shines in Brazil. So I can’t help but wonder: why is Gabriel planning a trip to rainy Europe? “I’m coming for the Milan Fashion Week,” he explains, “and I’m really looking forward to flying back to Italy.”

Gabriel is involved in quite a few projects at the moment. One features Brazilian sculpurist Suzy Fukushima. “Although she lives in Paris, she’s returning to Sao Paulo for our joint exhibition,” he explains happily. We’re excited to learn more. Send pictures from Milan, pal!

And for me: I don’t have Latin fire – but I’m as juicy as an Asian smoothie!

Stay fashionable,

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